{ What’s a hug! }
Its when you wrap your arms around somebody you love and squeeze really really tight and not let go for, like, ever. When you hug someone, it feels great! And, hugs are for everyone. From grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister, neighbour, uncle, the cute little pup you just named Rex and anyone you could possibly imagine. Even your boss will love one.
I already knew that. No. Really?
What's hugging all about?
hug! is a frozen treat that lacks calories and fat. hug! yogurts are 97% fat free and the ice creams are gluten free. In short, a frozen treat minus the guilt. hug! can be had any time of the day and year. It is made from freshly procured ingredients. And the best part, you get to do it yourself i.e. pour your own tub of frozen yogurt and toppings. Go ahead, have a hug! Its so easy.
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